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Yes hello Autumn,the days of summer are ending,the leaves are on the turn and the Autumnal flowers are showing off now as the last of my sweet peas and my everlasting sweet pea fade away. The garden produce has been great and just today eating broad beans sweet from the pod with my tiny 2 […]

Mia and summers end –maybe not if you knit this hat! –just love the fabulous job that the team at http://www.knitonthenet.com have done with my design –go have a look at all the other fabulous knits over there.Well back from France and the design book is full now for next falls designs so heres to […]

So I needed a break, a short holiday–so where better than my chapel in the hills.It rained on day 1 and day2 day 3 and 4 were the same and now on day 6 it is horrendous horizontal rain and meanwhile I hear on the radio how London basks in temperatures of 30 degrees—what acrazy […]

The only wedding pic I am allowed to show you until the bride and groom return from honeymoon. We had a family party the night before the wedding as family had travelled many miles for this event and the joining of 2 families is importrant and the party was great the weather good the food […]

Hi everyone ,well I did finish the olympic knitting with about 1 day to spare but have been away felting .It has rained and raIned here in the uk and especially in the lakes so much you come away feeling you have rising damp.  So to weaving –I have now woven my first length of […]

What a strange and very sad year this is turning out to be .We have had some nice sunny days and the gardens look good but once again the family is facing another funeral as this week Nigel’s father Derek has died .To say we feel lost is an understatement and life will be different […]