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I have placed some knitting patterns over on my etsy shop so head on over and visit me ,I will add more as I get them ready.The majority of items in the shop are felted items all unique and items made to deomonstarte techniques or for shows.I have been asked so often if I sell my […]

Hi here is the new neck scarf complete with lovely buttons obtained from my favourite knitting store  in Threads in Keyworth sure she will do mail order as well,pattern in ravelry very soon

Lovely to see my lace shawl in the magazine seems ages since I did this one but that is how it all goes .Nice to see I made it onto the cover as well –sure this will be available via Ravelry soon.I love using Filatura and the colour was superb.The deseign is from the Paris […]

Oh what !!I cannot believe it is September already -where was summer and those hot sultry days? –well Autumn is my favourite time, I have to confess it just stirs something deep inside,and this is my birth month so lots of yummy presents etc ,slightly makes up for another year whizzing by faster than I can […]

OK so it is 9.30pm Sunday and wow do I miss you guys always feel like this after a gathering of fellow felters and we so have a good time and very creative it all is. Went one further this visit and started to spin yes spin and I have bought myself a spinning wheel, […]

Hi well this is me being very good but no piccies as something has died in my camera -will get the Dr to look at iti when he arrives home. Very good this morning Been doing some surfing looking at other sites and as I am a snow freak the piccies on this site made […]