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messing about with 3dimensions and shaping which fascinate me at the moment,I want lumps and bumps it is just getting them in the right place for the right piece of knitting     Differing yarns give such differing shapes it is a fun discovery journey, try it .

Hi here is the new neck scarf complete with lovely buttons obtained from my favourite knitting store  in Threads in Keyworth sure she will do mail order as well,pattern in ravelry very soon

Been using some differing yarns just recently and I have to say the Twilley Gorgeous is a great yarn with a lovely drape but holds your stitch pattern firm and the colours are good too–well done Twilley ,seems an age since I designed for them the ‘knit to felt’ kits usingFreedom.More colours in this range […]

The only wedding pic I am allowed to show you until the bride and groom return from honeymoon. We had a family party the night before the wedding as family had travelled many miles for this event and the joining of 2 families is importrant and the party was great the weather good the food […]

Sunday, May 18, 2008, 08:48 AM CST [General]   Well here he is the baby of Miss Iris little baby Cocobean –quite a ittle character a good blend of Miss Iris and Fudge . Sorted lots of silks today and rewound and untangles and did some general  sorting in the skein box–I do like to […]

Whoa learning geometric beading so I can translate all my sketches of designs into beadwork has been todays task –Yep I know all the stitches but the discipline of shape reminds me of patchwork lessons all those years ago and angles and degrees etc anyway here is the result of Day 1 beading this way […]