Memories and Aching Bones

The only wedding pic I am allowed to show you until the bride and groom return from honeymoon. We had a family party the night before the wedding as family had travelled many miles for this event and the joining of 2 families is importrant and the party was great the weather good the food… Read More

olympic progress–still in the running

really batting on here –needles are nearly on fire .lost progress today due to very bad migraine head and had no option but to close my eyes put my head on a hot water bottle and try to sleep —all that knitting time gone never mind really enjoying doing this and following someone elses design… Read More

progress –would not win a gold though!!!

  –love the look of having seams on show. Here we go forward to the medals –will not get a bronze at this rate.Watched all that beautiful opening ceremony and now discovering how much of it was a fake –quite upsetting really .Well my knitting is real .  well happy olympic knitting .well done to our… Read More