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It seems an age since I posted on my blog and blame Time with its ability to run away leaving me wondering how it is August now. A busy few months with trips to Malta — research, trip to Holland – teaching and various UK journeys seeing family and clients. The summer has been glorious […]

These guys are coming over in the Fall2014 to felt with me and I look forward to welcoming all the tour participants when they reach my neck of the woods in the stunning North of England. Sounds fabulous and wish I was doing the whole trip myself. When they meet up with me at Farfield […]

messing about with 3dimensions and shaping which fascinate me at the moment,I want lumps and bumps it is just getting them in the right place for the right piece of knitting     Differing yarns give such differing shapes it is a fun discovery journey, try it .

I have placed some knitting patterns over on my etsy shop so head on over and visit me ,I will add more as I get them ready.The majority of items in the shop are felted items all unique and items made to deomonstarte techniques or for shows.I have been asked so often if I sell my […]

My new necker and experimenting with undulating rolls and restraining channels and not knitting short rows to get the effect, it is alot easier this new way. The yarn is a cone yarn from Texers a boucle acrylic twist which holds the design very well ,did sample this up in merino and it just does […]

Been using some differing yarns just recently and I have to say the Twilley Gorgeous is a great yarn with a lovely drape but holds your stitch pattern firm and the colours are good too–well done Twilley ,seems an age since I designed for them the ‘knit to felt’ kits usingFreedom.More colours in this range […]

I do watch ‘Britain has got talent ‘ and after today I know what Simon Cowell feels like when he sees real talent. Today I have been priveleged to spend the day with a group of very dedicated talented creative ladies who take yarn and fibre craft to better heights and make me really want […]

Oh what !!I cannot believe it is September already -where was summer and those hot sultry days? –well Autumn is my favourite time, I have to confess it just stirs something deep inside,and this is my birth month so lots of yummy presents etc ,slightly makes up for another year whizzing by faster than I can […]

OK so it is 9.30pm Sunday and wow do I miss you guys always feel like this after a gathering of fellow felters and we so have a good time and very creative it all is. Went one further this visit and started to spin yes spin and I have bought myself a spinning wheel, […]

Well the main part of my days over the last few have been spent building a web site and it has been hard hard work,would rather have tackled a new Bohus pattern. But I am sure that by next week I will forget what I have taught myself in the past few,what has amazed me is […]