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The breeze is warm,the sun hot,and the atmosphere is one of lazy lazy holiday feeling as I meet up with my dear friend Charity and her family at her home here in the beautiful South of France.Last night we sauntered and chattered as we walked along the ‘canal du midi ‘in the early evening cool […]


Using beautiful new yarn courtesy of DiGilpin who is also teaching at Fano and Loch Ness. DoubleKnitting is colour transposed surfaces on a dual faced fabric are usually done in finer yarn but this yarn lends itself to produce warm cozy utterly soft squishy fabric. A new design for the Knitting Festivals Fancy joining us […]

Inspired the book  Sequence Knitting my shawl/ wrap is knit using my Harwood Heritage wool in its 2 shades of Shale and Snow Kit available soon 


My blog is written to share insight into my world as a knitting designer and fibre artist.  Constantly I am asked ‘what inspires you ‘ and I answer ‘my travels, my landscape, my garden. I love to garden but since moving to live 1300’ above sea level in an exposed bleak landscape my gardening has […]


My tulips always inspire me and here is a new shawl started,see the icord trim,it could have been doubleknitting here but I chose icord. The Parterre shawl begins  ‘He was planting bulbs in the ‘parterre ‘for a spring display  

Pop by the Shop as today  when you purchase the Poncho knit kit containing all your Harwood Heritage yarn,needles,and pattern you will also receive free 1 hank of the new fine spun Heritage yarn in pure pedigree BFL.  


My daughter recently introduced me to a range of products purely natural. I was amazed at how these  creams etc felt and how good my skin felt. My hands are always dry due to the nature of my work, my goodness Tropic makes them feel so good and restores my skin. Standing for hours either […]