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My daughter recently introduced me to a range of products purely natural. I was amazed at how these  creams etc felt and how good my skin felt. My hands are always dry due to the nature of my work, my goodness Tropic makes them feel so good and restores my skin. Standing for hours either […]

I travelled up to Scotland looking at fabulous scenery to be at the new knitting show in Edinburgh and meet knitters interested in attending the Loch Ness Knitting Show in October this year.A fabulous day and made  new friends and  met up again with old friends. Travelled home to stunning sunsets 


September & October  is a busy time for classes with Fano and Loch Ness festivals so lots to do to get new work ready in between all the other designing work.  Rarely do I knit for myself as 2 granddaughters have first call on my time. Having said that I am making a classic shibui […]


Knitting beautiful cowls on small circular needles is a great piece of travel knitting whether long distance or on your shorter journeys to work. This cowl uses all three colours in the Harwood Heritage range , colours straight from the fleece and echoing the landscape. Peat, Snow,Earth intermingle with each other in this stitch design […]


This years fashion story has to be the Poncho – it really is the most useful garment to have in your wardrobe. I have designed two to show of my yarn Harwood Heritage. Centre stage in the studio there are 2 ponchos showing.     We have the diagonal stripe with its fancy shoulder seam […]


The temperature is dropping and I just feel that the snow is on its way and maybe the worst winter ever that was prophesied will not mean heavy snow but the awful floods and incredible rain we have already had.The animals seem to know something is coming.