imageMy latest book Knitted Modern Classics for Babies commisioned by Rowan and published by QuailBooks can be purchased direct from QuailBooks

and also from Amazon

image  image Can also be purchased from  Amazon



KINDLE edition from Amazon

Older titles Knitting with Wire,Quick Crochet and Felt Style can also be obtained from book stores and





 Quick Crochet

Quick Crochet -This was a great  book to work on hope you enjoy the crochet from beginner to advance

image1st cover

the American cover of my felt book



5 thoughts on “Books

  1. love your wire knit and crochet book
    would like to know where to acquire pre knit wire
    i live in vancouver but have access to us post office box
    my knitting club very interested
    brenda brice

  2. Hi Christie, I hope you’re well. I was recently given the hot water bottle covers book. I’d like to try the teddy toes pattern but the yarn is no longer manufactured. I’ve looked on yarnsub but I can’t find a good equivalent so far. What yarn would you recommend now for this pattern? Thanks!

  3. I’m so sorry, my phone autocorrected the spelling of your name. I know it is Chrissie.

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