Inspired for colour Names

Where do you get inspiration from.?

As an avid keeper of changing imagery in my world certain colours resonate with me constantly.

Lichen on fences, gates and stones I love that micro world of tones and all in another wee world.

Old farm equipment rusting away with the sun shining produces a myriad of bouncing shades entrancing me to replicate them.

The dark sultry boggy peaty soil calms and lets the others shine in my memory whilst the blue shades in my sky changes at least 20 times a day in all her catalogue of blues through every shade hue and tone.

So a walk just along the river bed watching the black and white Belted Galloway’s walking the land whilst the rest of my journey even in early February provides my book with shades galore .

Then the snow comes and we play hide and seek but I still have my monochromatic world which again thrills me and makes my inner self eager to recreate this too.

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