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What can I say Big knitting,Big needles,Big Catwalk show,Big secret. It seemed to take forever but when you are measuring knitting in termsof metres etc then it does go on and on and on but I have a feeling it will all look fab when revealed. The next piece which is not fully revealed is […]

Officially still on vacation time but have been working on a new range since November when I decided to take the studio offered to me at Farfield Mill. I so love being there and meeting the public and letting them wander through my fibre  haven as I work,sales and commisions have been great and my work […]

  –love the look of having seams on show. Here we go forward to the medals –will not get a bronze at this rate.Watched all that beautiful opening ceremony and now discovering how much of it was a fake –quite upsetting really .Well my knitting is real .  well happy olympic knitting .well done to our […]

Right ok cast on as the flame was lit –just late in logging on to blog about it .No surprise I am using the manos merino and silk and I am doing a geometric based top. Started with the sleeve and after a few hours today  I have made good progress and 6inches in length […]

Ok at last I have sussed out the computer and the camera –actually easier than I thought so more piccies could be he order of the day. Yes I do felt a lot as well as knit so for the felters who have asked ,here they are some piccies from the felting folder –mostly w […]

Ok I am showing off now,managed to get card from camera to computer and some of my yarn pics I am really proud of like this ‘need lace’ pic, beautiful yarn from Sundara .I have started one of the patterns from Jane Sowerby’s beautiful book.Think the colours just great and the names swung it for me […]

Please say hello if you log on the site, it will be nice to hear from you all .I love February ,the yarn shows start,Most of all last weekend it snowed ,we had headed north and boy did the heavens open it was simply great ,even though we needed Alison in the tractor to help […]