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A very late post on the stunning landscapes created by this Winter’s second lot ofbad weather in my world. We were not cold as the temperatures did not drop to dramatic minus’s. Ferocious winds and dark skies were mostly the order of the day until the snows came . Then my world becomes magical for […]

I know my brother in Canada is most likely laughing at my fuss over the snow here but it is so unusual to have this much this quick and everything has come to a standstill. We are totally cut off we cannot walk up the hill 5′ wall of snow stops us We cannot get […]

What a beautiful stunning month we have had weatherwise.Snow totally transforms my world and it lasts a long time So the bright lights the reflecting snow brings are exciting at this time of year. Now I have Granddaughters the magic of Christmas and snow take on a magical time and invoke memories of my own […]

It has been a very very busy year starting with finishing the last design for the Kids Knit book ( out shortly) A sneaky peek at part of one of the designs. I then saw the arrival of Spring in the hills and another sweet Granddaughter Phoebe. From Spring to Summer I worked on my […]

Bows Eyelet Warm but feminine lacy bows in a new cardigan Pattern in English or Dutch. Available as kits making an ideal present for the knitter in your life in the Chrissie Day Shop  Look under Knitting Kits  Moorland Memories all four colours available and Snow White as a Winter Special

Here I am in Flemsburg and after a horrendous ferry crossing we have had s lazy day labelling yarn and then took a walk to the headland on the ford What a beautiful place stunning views across to the Danish coast line We found a small track through the woods with bushes dripping with elderberries […]

What should we say, what do we do when yet another friend leaves the party early. Glynnis was an incredible workaholic lady who transformed furniture from the past into beautiful new restored items. Her work ethics were exemplary and I valued our friendship as soon as we met kindred spirits loving all things wool and […]