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Phoenix is a flat city with an equally uninteresting street layout. So why, then, is its grid classified as ‘iconic’? Well, it’s the closest thing you will find to absolute perfection. Streets run north, south, east and west, with every eight numbered streets equaling exactly one mile. As a result, the distance between 16th and […]

She is smart cosy stylish and can be yours to wear with those beautiful summer dresses when a cool breeze blows and the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds Stylish

Discovered this stunning fabric when tidying my fabric stash and recall thinking it would make a stunning summer purse. Now it is a stunning Summer purse complete with padded crinkled gold silk lining – Love it and it’s cheered me up no end Stay safe all xxx

When you meet another designer who catches the essence of your yarn and appreciates the journey you have travelled to produce the finest wool you can from what is around you then it is an honour to show you her design. A singing harmonious melody of colour and texture designed by Heikke Gittens  using my […]

Le fil de la Manche inNormandy at Chateau Miromesnil was my destination this weekend to teach and enjoy the world of wool. The lower window at far left was my teaching room looking over the walled garden! What is not to like . Allof my students were non native English speakers and the classes were […]

There is a plethora of new knitting books, magazines, self publishers etc in the knitting world right now all across the world. This is great and a real change from from when I started  buying books and magazines. I eagerly awaited the Rowan collections because apart from the knitting designs they were so wonderful to […]

Nearly the end of 2018 and it has been an exciting year with loads of new places visited new collaborations and a new book finished. Family wise I now have a Grandson joining the 3 girls so my family fun grows and Christmas certainly has been fun. Visits to Santa, Christmas shopping, and it finished […]

I am here to teach at the above event and I am staying here at the beautiful Hoveringham Hall with stunning views from our kitchen window. The trees are magnificent and very old – I wonder if the person who planted these dreamt as I did when I have been planting my 80 odd trees […]