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  –love the look of having seams on show. Here we go forward to the medals –will not get a bronze at this rate.Watched all that beautiful opening ceremony and now discovering how much of it was a fake –quite upsetting really .Well my knitting is real .  well happy olympic knitting .well done to our […]

Sunday, May 18, 2008, 08:48 AM CST [General]   Well here he is the baby of Miss Iris little baby Cocobean –quite a ittle character a good blend of Miss Iris and Fudge . Sorted lots of silks today and rewound and untangles and did some general  sorting in the skein box–I do like to […]

Whoa learning geometric beading so I can translate all my sketches of designs into beadwork has been todays task –Yep I know all the stitches but the discipline of shape reminds me of patchwork lessons all those years ago and angles and degrees etc anyway here is the result of Day 1 beading this way […]

This was a fabulous workshop with Sandra Meech and the techniques used I would like to take forward and include my knitting into my computer art work.Sandra is taking it right into her quilts and they do look good.Get a chance to work with her and you will be   fine and see what i mean,needs […]