Belated Christmas greetings and an early Happy  New Year.It has been avery strange Autumn with recovery from my broken right wrist very slow no doubt due to the tendon damage as well.

Kits had to be made up for the new Harwood Heritage designs  to sell at Farfield Mill where my studio is—ebook coming shortly.

When you start producing yarn you enter into a new world of terminology and your creative juices are fired up again as you wonder at all the what ifs.

A query from a knitter making the Geometric sweater reading all the intarsia sections really intrigued me as I thought of an easier way to do Intarsia.IMG_4947

Messing about knitting a tiny monkey for my Granddaughter I suddenly had it.

So many try outs and samples later I will be teaching and introducing this new technique to my classes in Inverness at the NEW knitting festival and also in Fano and Norway.Avery fine ply yarn is needed using the colours in your design and mix of.I am so intrigued by the technique that this years wool clip will be all used to produce the new yarn for this way of working.






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