Contributing to the fab idea of having Wovember where we think about wool where it has come form and how we use it here is my post to add to this.

1st an image of the sheep who give me their fleeces

Deciding to mix the BFL with the shetland gives beautiful yarn which is a sheer delight to work with and design for .



Using natural dyes from plants I dyed the skeins at home here they are blowing dry in the winds of the North Pennines where I live.IMG_6626


These colours inspired the Blue Rose Tam kit for sale at Farfield Mll



Using even more colours the top was created and again this kit will be for sale through myself at,the pattern at Ravelry and the total kit at Farfield Mill

the cost will be £60.00 plus postage for the kit and £8.00 for the pattern through Ravelry.

After all the many years I have been knitting all I can say is there is something added to the whole experience when you know exactly where your yarn came from.

I started this experience with the Zwartbles fleeces from local farmer and now have 3 beautiful yarns to work with ,my final one being a lovely Texel /Cheviot mix which I like to knit alongside the BFL/Shetland mix and this gives me a lovely bulky fibre for knitting on a size 7mm needle ,opening up more design possibilities.

My web site shows you all the designs with these local (like the fields outside my converted chapel home here in the North Pennines).Enjoy Wovember and do visit Kate Davies and enter the competitions .

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