Working hard getting new sample pieces ready for the ‘learn a shawl shape class’.Find it helps if in the course of a day 6 /7 samples s of differing shapes can be made then the penny drops re the differing approaches can be applied.     While I was doing the mini Faroese shawl I decided that the edging looked unfinished although these are only samples it needs to look ok.

The Faroese shawl needed an edging in my opinion so how to do it.All day it has got on my nerves but have sorted it now and I love the way you get the 2 differences in the random yarn patterning.I have made the edging in moss stitch for firmness as this shawl does fasten around your waist and I feel this edge gives it strength.—may adjust this to be softer around the back of the neck or even a roll collar on the shawl hmmmm .

Have a good weekend Happy Knitting

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