Rare Breed Yarn

After so much work  by all involved the new yarn from the beautiful Zwartbles sheep is here and is beautiful.It is marketed under my name and I am proud to put my name to this fibre,we have natural and overdyed with ‘blackcurrant’ spun up in DK.

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  1. How fabulous to see you’ve taken on Zwartbles fleece, I live in Northumberland and keep a small Zwartbles flock but have struggled to do something meaningful with the wool as demand for “black” wool is low and the payment from the wool board is pitiful. It’s such a beautiful colour and quality, so for the last two years I have sold it in 1kg bags on ebay to felters and spinners and they love it. Slowly but surely its growing in popularity and quite rightly it’s a beautiful fleece. I was so pleased to stumble upon your Zwartbles wool. Thank you.

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