As a blogger you know people are going to read you but what I find unerving is when someone decides to search the entire web universe for any entry that has your name attached –this time they have done it through Virginmedia and 5 folk have viewed that link –spooky .Last week I had search engines repeating a sweep of a month ago for anything to do with felted slippers –all this does is make me feel someone is trying to take my designs so I remove all trace from the sites .I f somebody wants some information they can email and ask not snoop ,these are not regular readers and this is why it shows up in the stat details so vividly.So whoever you are please email and ask your questions, if you are wanting a pattern ask for one to be designed for you or buy one and use for your own knitting only.

This is one of the down turns of blogging on an open forum  irritating really .

Free patterns start in March and will be downloadable through a link to my web site .watch this space .

A whole new set of podcasts will be available either through the blog or through the website ,it is just amatter of getting them totally finished

One thought on “Felted slippers and more spooky

  1. Your feelings are completely understood. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours, and all the best with your endeavors.

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