Sunday, May 18, 2008, 08:48 AM CST [General]


Well here he is the baby of Miss Iris little baby Cocobean –quite a ittle character a good blend of Miss Iris and Fudge .

Sorted lots of silks today and rewound and untangles and did some general  sorting in the skein box–I do like to just pick up quickly what I need –great in principle but as one gets things outone must learn to put away again.

The garden has changed in 6 days to a full blown english summer garden and the perfume from the Daphne and the Viburnum are competing with the Rosa Rugosa for attention ,Lavender is also competing for 1st place then a waft carried on the breeze of lemon scented geranium hits me and then all my senses are highly tuned and i cannot sketch enough.

One of my art teachers once told  me –‘you’ll know when something is inspiring you either visually or perfume or sound because you can taste it at the back of your throat and it makes you salivate’

How right he, is so before I dribble everywhere and the sight of this 80 year old Japanese  Double Cherry  assails my senses anymore I am going back in  to continue sorting and feeling good  –also finding so much stuff I had not seen for ages–now that is bad ,



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