Hi everyone , well for nice early sunny days we are paying the price with very cold nights -so much for mending the greenhouse and trying to grow my lovely herbs and mixed leaves.

I wrote about meaness and rudeness by someone in the knitting world on this blog a few days ago.

All I will say is that it is a person who new knitters would have contact with .I cannot understand all this and it still seems very rude to me to put yourself so far above others and be unapproachable .Discussing this with the people I know it transpires there are known to be a few people who fit into this category which is sad and perhaps I have lived with my eyes blinkered  it seems only I am surprised.

Well today I have finished some more socks ready for photography and gathered together all the kid silk haze colours I have, ready to do the log cabin from folk style knitting –just joined the KAL .

       lace-pic-2.gif  took a photo of the new silk  fom http://www.knitwitchesyarns .com  Lovely.  

Bought loads of scrummy yarn from Posh Yarn last night -feel like fastest finger in the west,really cannot wait for this selection to come as it is for ‘moi’ for next winters warmth.nothing like thinking and planning ahead is there.

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  1. Hello Lovey,

    I REALLY enjoyed our chat today. I tried to reply to you email but it got sent back. Could you please send me your Gmail address?


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