I will start by saying farewell to 2016 and it was a good year for me although many in this world suffered a great deal and descisions taken all over the globe have changed things forever. A brilliant Christmas with snow arriving to excite the toddler and the child in all of us. My Granddaughter […]

Winter skies and frosty mornings are the order of the day now.I love winter ,I find the time spent in qiuet reflection and time to design rewarding and after Christmas and all the excitement of the season the lull in the speed of the days is lovely. Winter walks when it is so cold and […]

Summer for me ends tonight as I arrive home and see so many changes, leaf colours, heather changing on the hills. Summer prepares to retire and the long days start to wane, it’s time to banish the summer’s end blues and prepare for my very favourite time of year, is this because it is the […]

Since my hand was so badly damaged last year I have tried not to think too much  of the pain that cold weather brings. On a positive note pretty wrist warmers in my own BFL tarn make me smile.

Today travelling closer to the Pyrenees we saw Andie and Adriaan of Rennaissance Dyers and enjoyed a pleasant hour looking at her amazing set up before our spending spree and travelling on by the lake for our swim and picnic. The blue of the water,the differing  blue of the lac are amazing and we found […]